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Company Profile

Shenzhen Dongtai International Logistics Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen Pingshan New District, Shenzhen Export Processing Zone, east of Huizhou Daya Bay, west of the world's largest port ----- Yantian Port, north is the business developed, fully equipped Longgang Center City, adjacent to Dongguan , Is to deepen the cooperation of Dongguan, Dongguan, an important strategic node. The company occupies the advantage of geographical location of Shenzhen Export Processing Zone, enjoys convenient traffic and enjoys unique policy of export park. It is a modern third-party logistics established in strict accordance with the management idea of "specialized positioning, integrated management and differentiated development" In the customs business has a strong competitive advantage.


Dongtai International Logistics Co., Ltd. is the customs and other relevant departments of the joint approval of a comprehensive retreat products bonded inspection and maintenance qualification of the company, the strength of its own 10,000 square meters of bonded warehouses and equipped with 10,000 clean room and fully automated testing Production lines and in the Customs House has a professional customs service center. Since the establishment of the company has been adherence to the "customer-centric", relying on physical logistics operations, modern information technology, supply chain design and trade services as the core function, through the establishment of rapid response to customer needs, flexible product portfolio, Flow, logistics, information integration for a break, to provide personalized service solutions to help customers enhance the competitive edge, the maximum value creation. Since the founding of the company has accumulated hundreds of well-known import and export enterprises to provide an integrated logistics services, service output has exceeded 10 billion US dollars. Companies adhering to the "efficient professional, customer service, innovation and development" business philosophy, has developed into a well-known enterprises at home and abroad strategic cooperation.

Dongtai International Logistics Co., Ltd., as always, is committed to "self-improvement, to Houdezaiwu" business ethics development company, to create "Dongtai International" well-known brand, the establishment of social, corporate, cooperative and staff Quartet win-win value system.

---------- Sincere services, sharing the future, Dongtai International Logistics and you work together to create a better future!



On May 18, 2011, the Company was set up in Shenzhen Export Processing Zone in Guangdong Province

September 2013 investment in the establishment of Shenzhen Dongtai to Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. - the layout of general trade import and export

October 2014 Set up Dubai Greater China International Logistics Co., Ltd. - Get involved in cross-border express parcel service

March 2015 set up in Shenzhen City, the former East China Sea Modern Logistics Co., Ltd. - to get involved in cross-electricity business

November 2015 the establishment of Ningxia Dongtai cross-electric Trading Co., Ltd.

The establishment of Ningxia Dongtai International Logistics Co., Ltd. - layout along the way development

December 2015 set up Hong Kong International Logistics Group Limited - towards international development

Company size and asset strength continues to expand, to the end of 2015, Dongtai international logistics import and export volume reached 18.53 billion US dollars.

Representing an increase of 677% in 2011, of which supply chain turnover has more than 2 billion yuan.

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