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Company culture
Company culture

Business philosophy: efficient professional, customer service, innovation and development

Mission: based Dongtai, cooperation and win-win, happy logistics

Company vision: to supply chain integration management as the goal, Dongtai create a well-known, the behavior of influential modern logistics enterprises.

Business strategy: outstanding advantages, integration of resources, steady development

Entrepreneurial spirit: pragmatic, hard work, the pursuit of excellence

Staff relations: equality and fraternity, interaction and coordination

Business guiding ideology: professional positioning, integrated management, low-cost expansion, the development of differentiation

Staff relations: equality and fraternity, interactive collaboration, harmony

Governance Division Policy: people-oriented, Zunxian Shang Gong, forge ahead in unity

Employment criteria: Zhirenshanren, meritocracy, ability and political integrity

Working principles: follow the principles of culture, adhere to the principles of the system, the results-oriented principle

Operational service objectives: to achieve "zero" complaints, to achieve "zero" error, to achieve "zero" accident

Core values: integrity, integrity, win-win situation, a sense of responsibility

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