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2016-09-13 Keyword:Shipping, shipping

September 12 hearing South Korea's largest shipping company Hanjin shipping "bankruptcy storm", triggering global shipping industry vibration, and spread to Shenzhen, including Chinese enterprises. This reporter learned

2016-08-30 Keyword:Unqualified imported red wine

July to August 22, Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Futian Free Trade Zone Office of the imported wine on-site inspection...

2016-08-18 Keyword:Wine cross - border electricity providers

August 12, by the Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Food Inspection and Quarantine Technology Center, organized by the Shenzhen Municipal Wine Industry Association...

2016-06-08 Keyword:IRS, real estate tax

State Administration of policies and Regulations Department inspector Cong Ming yesterday in the “ the fifth Chinese Enterprises Tax Management Innovation Conference ...

2016-06-08 Keyword:Property market

Since March, the property market to pick up signs. However, this trend did not continue. Latest data show that Shanghai's new commodity housing prices rose in July after...

2016-06-08 Keyword: property tax

Wang Juelin, deputy director of the Ministry of housing policy research yesterday in the ” the value of the Chinese real estate forum, said that the purchase of ...

2016-06-08 Keyword:Vanke housing

Yesterday, housing letter Research Center released the 2012 before the third quarter housing prices in China sales amount Top50, Vanke to 95.9 billion yuan...

2016-06-08 Keyword:cities housing prices rose

National Bureau of statistics released on 18 data show that in the 70 cities in the country, in September 31 cities of new commodity housing...

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