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Remuneration policy
Remuneration policy

The Company provides competitive remuneration to its employees, establishes a scientific and rational incentive compensation allocation model and a dynamic salary adjustment mechanism, respects the employees' remuneration differences and sets different compensation systems for the employees. In addition to providing a wide range of benefits for staff, in addition to staff to pay the old-age insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance and other social insurance and housing provident fund, but also for staff health checks for frequent travel injury insurance.

In addition to employees to enjoy the statutory provisions of the national holidays, but also the anniversary of the company and other special days to rest for half a day. In addition, the company provides well-equipped staff apartment, staff marriage, birth, birthdays, sick days of hospitalization for the staff's needs, and also get the company's well-prepared sympathy or condolence money.


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