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Supply chain finance
Supply chain finance

Supply chain finance

Supply chain finance

As a leader in the supply chain financial management industry, Dongtai Logistics has a wealth of experience in supply chain financial services, according to the customer's upstream and downstream value chain status, business model and credit characteristics, the integration of banking, insurance, guarantee companies and other financial institutions Resources, tailored to customers.

Such as: project financing, accounts receivable financing, secured mortgage financing, warehouse receipts pledge, domestic and foreign factoring, collection, payment, and letters of credit and various types of trade and other original supply chain financial services program

(On supply chain finance) supply chain financial services is the core of the bank around the enterprise, the management of upstream and downstream capital flow and logistics, and the uncontrollable risk of individual enterprises into supply chain business as a whole controllable risk, through the bank The core system and the core business platform docking, while using its own electronic settlement platform advantages to logistics, capital flow as the guide, integrated supply chain information flow, to achieve business flow, logistics, capital flow, information flow integration, the risk Control at the lowest financial services.

The benefits of supply chain finance:

New Channels of Corporate Finance

The supply chain finance provides the solution for the idea and the technology bottleneck of the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises, the credit market of the small and medium-sized enterprises is no longer reachable. Supply chain finance began to look into the eyes of many large corporate finance executives. For them, the supply chain finance as a new channel for financing, not only help to make up for the bank to compress the amount of traditional working capital loans, and through the upstream and downstream enterprises to facilitate the introduction of financing, their working capital demand levels continue to decline. As the competition in the industry chain and the strong core business, credit sales in the supply chain settlement accounts for a large proportion. Coface issued the "2008 China Enterprise Credit Risk Survey" shows that enterprises through credit sales has become the most extensive payment terms, credit led to the existence of a large number of accounts receivable, on the one hand so that SMEs have to face the lack of liquidity On the other hand, the information management, risk management and utilization of the accounts receivable as the potential capital flow of enterprises, the importance of the enterprise is also increasingly prominent. In the new situation, make an inventory of enterprise accounts receivable to solve the financing of SMEs in the supply chain difficult path. Some commercial banks in this area for effective innovation, China Merchants Bank on the line of accounts payable receivables management system, online domestic factoring system is a concern innovation. According to the head of the China Merchants Bank Cash Management Department, product manager, the system can supply chain transactions for suppliers and buyers to provide comprehensive, transparent and efficient electronic receivables management services and domestic factoring business solutions, greatly Simplifying the complex operational procedures faced by traditional factoring operations and, in particular, helping to optimize the recognition of claims by both buyers and sellers in both sub-offices, helping them to quickly access much-needed funds.

Economic and social benefits significantly

Equally important, the economic and social benefits of supply chain finance are very prominent. With the help of the "buy-in" development model and the innovation of risk control measures, the SMR financing cost-benefit ratio is improved and the economies of scale are obvious . In this case,

According to statistics, through the supply chain financial solutions with the collection under the improvement of the way, the inventory revitalization and deferred payments, the largest US companies in 2005 reduced by 72 billion US dollars in liquidity needs. Similarly, in 2007, Europe's largest 1000 listed companies brought in € 46 billion in funds from three accounts receivable, accounts payable and survivorship.

Supply chain finance to achieve multi-flow one

Supply chain finance is a good combination of logistics, business flow, capital flow and information flow. Physical materials from the supplier to the needs of the physical movement, including the transport of goods, storage, handling handling, distribution processing, and related logistics information and other links. Business flow: business information and trading conditions of the dealings. Cash flow: refers to the buyer to pay the purchase price involved in the financial matters. Information flow: In the entire supply chain, and logistics, capital flows associated with various types of information, but also part of the logistics and information flow, including the purchase orders, inventory records, confirmation letters, invoices and so on. In the supply chain, logistics, business flow, capital flow, information flow is co-exist, the combination of information flow and capital flow will better support and strengthen the supply chain, downstream between the goods, services (logistics ).

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