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Day trip customs clearance
Day trip customs clearance

(A), in the "bonded area day tour" to the factory process, relying on the Shenzhen Export Processing Zone of regional characteristics and unique policies, "one-day tour" business to optimize the deep processing carried forward (the industry commonly known as "plant") process , To achieve a day to complete the plant, breaking the plant to the three major restrictions.




1, "one-day tour" to plant a short time     

The traditional transfer to the factory (deep processing carry-over) out of the two sides into the first enterprise in their respective competent customs program for the record, followed by the Customs and Excise Department after the approval of the application form for actual receipt and delivery, and finally transferred into the enterprise separately In the transfer, the transfer to customs for customs declaration procedures. The first record, and then shipped to the final declaration to complete the entire process requires a lot of time.

With the "day tour" to the factory, transferred out into the enterprise do not need to plan for the record, shipping and customs at the same time, the same day to complete the transfer procedures, because of its short time, it has become a "day." If the match is good, out of the enterprise loaded goods over the morning of the declaration, the morning will be able to complete the customs formalities, the goods have arrived in the afternoon into the enterprise.


2, "one-day tour" to break plant restrictions

The traditional transfer factory is the processing trade enterprises will be bonded imports of materials and parts processing products to another processing trade enterprises further processing re-export business activities, it is the customs record between the hand-carried, asked to transfer out Enterprises are both processing trade enterprises. Export Processing Zone is a special customs supervision area, this area is equivalent to outside. "Day Tour" to the factory through the export processing zones to achieve, and his meaning is transferred out of the enterprise to the export of goods, into the enterprise from the import of materials and parts. It can achieve a variety of enterprises to the plant, even for the right to operate without the import and export enterprises, through the Acting import and export of the way to turn themselves into enterprises or transferred to the enterprise. There are four main types of outbound and inbound relationships, covering all correspondence:

A. General trade transfers - general trade transfers

B. Transfer of general trade - transfer of processing trade

C. Transfer of processing trade - transfer of processing trade

D. Transfer of processing trade - general trade transfer



3, "one-day tour" to plant tax rebates

The traditional plant can not be tax rebates. According to the Shenzhen Export Processing Zone into the area that is tax rebate policy, "one-day tour" to the factory to tax rebates. "Into the area that is the tax rebate" is for other customs supervision area. Other regions must be the actual departure to the tax rebate, into the area is only a buffer period. "Into the area that tax rebate" for the transfer of enterprises. Out of the enterprise in the sense that the goods are exported to the outside, the goods into the area will be able to apply to the Customs and Excise Department to print export tax rebate certificate. Get the tax rebate of the transfer of enterprises can also get the price advantage.

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