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Customs declaration
Customs declaration

Customs declaration

Shenzhen Dong Tai International Logistics Co. Ltd. is an entreprise of credit at Customs. It can provide clients with the fastest way of transportation in many ports, and the agency declaration of related documents and of the goods which are to be exported or imported, as well as the entry inspection and verification. Besides, the dependant departement of Customs' affaires in Pingshan Customs can self or agency declaration case.


With a departement which deal with the Customs' affaires, the company has a efficient professional and experienced group in which many have the quality of declaration and inspectation. We aim to have "0 accident" in passing the entry and declaration. We are already considered as an up-and-coming youngster of "Shenzhen declaration company" by many entreprises. Our affaires include entry of customs, logistics, foreign exchange, cost, tax, as well as providing professional conseils and services of inner operation documents, procedures, the way to pay off and so on.

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