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Bonded testing maintenance
Bonded testing maintenance

Bonded testing maintenance


Bonded inspection and maintenance services, Shenzhen bonded inspection and maintenance refers to the export of goods to overseas due to various reasons need Depot Repair (replacement of components, packaging, re-coding), such goods to change the traditional Depot Repair, Factory or bonded warehouse for the inspection, testing, repair or maintenance of related products. Dongtai International provides Shenzhen Bonded Area Bonded Maintenance Site and Warehouse Management Service, the customer provides technical personnel and testing, maintenance equipment, to the export of products or equipment problems after delivery Dongtai International Shenzhen Export Processing Zone Bonded Warehouse Bonded Testing, maintenance and other after-sales service (no need to import to the domestic maintenance), after the maintenance of good distribution to the hands of foreign customers.



The so-called bonded, Shenzhen Export Processing Zone is now the most comprehensive domestic function of bonded logistics export processing park, with the territory of the customs policy, the goods in the park is equivalent to abroad, can be returned to the factory maintenance enterprises save a lot of Transportation and other aspects of capital, the Shenzhen Export Processing Zone, the Dongtai International can provide its own nearly 7,000 square meters of bonded warehouses, bonded inspection and maintenance workshop 2; and one equipped with fully automated production lines, can greatly improve the detection and maintenance Production efficiency, cost savings, increase value-added products.


Just as China has become the "world factory" in the past 25 years, some companies are now trying to build China into a "global repair center." Enterprises have been far from being able to meet only for the production of goods to do "temporary import rework." They now want to turn "large-scale and regular" maintenance operations into a complete maintenance, repair and inspection center.

In the past, the maintenance of non-domestic goods under the processing trade was banned, and there was limited guidance on the maintenance of self-produced goods originating in China. Dongtai International in the case of the competent authorities, engaged in the global bonded goods inspection and maintenance business. The General Administration of Customs also bonded maintenance (bonded inspection and maintenance) services included in the financial crisis during the promulgation of the "measures to promote economic growth," one.



Bonded maintenance site

Warehouse management of goods to be repaired

Maintenance of spare parts warehousing management

Shenzhen bonded testing maintenance

Inspection and maintenance of goods back to Hong Kong

Inspection and maintenance of export goods to Hong Kong




On the trade of small quantities, lots and low prices of bonded parts and maintenance parts to take a number of exit, a write-off management approach.

The repairing period shall be six months. If the goods are to be renewed, they may apply to the Customs office, but only once. The extension period shall be the same for six months.

Features: first out after the customs clearance, centralized customs declaration, the library with a number of spare parts when the collar, the excess spare parts can not be used back to the library.

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