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International freight forwarding
International freight forwarding

International freight forwarding

Shenzhen Dongtai International Logistics Co., Ltd. (Dongtai International) to its own integrity and strength-based, with a number of international freight forwarding companies to establish a win-win situation of mutual trust and long-term strategic partnership, at the same time committed to the various Import and export shippers to provide advantages of freight and services for our customers to reduce costs to improve product competitiveness in the market.

In the import and export business, the consignment, delivery, warehousing, customs clearance and insurance and other aspects of the procedures are quite complex requirements managers are fully familiar with the business. The emergence of international freight forwarding industry, for importers and exporters to solve this problem.



International Freight Forwarders (International Freight Forwarder) The main task is to accept the client's commission or authorization, the charge d'affaires of various international trade, transport of goods needed by the business. According to the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association (FIATA) information, the role of international freight forwarders is:

Using expertise to organize transportation in the safest, fastest and most cost-effective manner.

In the world trade centers to establish customer networks and their own branches to control the entire transport process.

In the freight, packaging, documents, customs clearance, consular requirements and financial advice to enterprises.

The small quantities of goods into a group of goods, so that customers benefit from.

Freight forwarders not only organize and coordinate the transport, but also affect the innovation of new modes of transport and the development of new transport routes.

China's international freight forwarders since the 8O's rapid development, in addition to China National Foreign Trade and Transportation Corporation, China's foreign charter companies and shipping companies, there are a large number of state-owned and Sino-foreign joint ventures of international freight forwarders, the state in June 1995 Announced the "international freight forwarding industry management regulations" to regulate and strengthen the management of the industry.

International freight forwarders specific business areas include:

a. export business

Select the transport route, mode and appropriate carrier;

For the owner and the selected carrier arrangements Lanhuo, booking;

Packaging, measurement and storage of goods;

Apply for insurance;

Collect the goods and issue the relevant documents;

For export clearance procedures and delivery of the goods to the carrier;

Payment of freight, the original bill of lading and to the original consignor;

Arrangements for cargo transhipment;

Notify the consignee;

Record the loss of goods to assist the consignee to the responsible party claims.

b. import business

Reporting of goods dynamics;

Receiving and reviewing shipping documents, payment of freight and delivery;

Import declaration, to pay the relevant taxes and fees;

Arrange the warehouses in the course of transportation;

Delivery of the goods to the consignee;

Assist the consignee to store or distribute the goods.

C. International freight forwarders may also act as non-vessel carriers (NVOCCs) to undertake multimodal transport operations by issuing multimodal transport documents as parties to the contract and entrusting the actual carrier to the carriage.

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