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Purchasing Center
Purchasing Center


We adhere to the "safe, fast, punctual, economic and thoughtful" principle, according to different customers, different needs, to provide personalized service.


1. International traders, because of business needs, in foreign or domestic procurement of raw materials or finished products, and then sold to domestic factories or enterprises, because the declaration in different ways, need a bonded warehouse temporarily, and then according to the need for distribution, so export processing in Shenzhen District set up distribution center.


2. Domestic factories, because of the large scale, there are a number of plants, unified procurement of raw materials from Huawei, because the factory declaration and delivery of different ways to make it at the same time imports, it can be set up in Shenzhen Export Processing Zone distribution center.




1, service protection: regardless of off-season peak season, 24-hour protection uninterrupted service;

2, its own vehicles: its own transport vehicles, new car age, good condition;

3, international cooperation: international famous shipowners and international and domestic large customers preferred trailer partners;

4, holographic services: organic chain integrated logistics, Dongtai most powerful;

5, cargo security: We are responsible for the purchase of a comprehensive cargo insurance;

6, advanced management: automated vehicle scheduling and tracking system to protect on time and efficient.


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