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Supply Chain Management Integrated Logistics

Dongtai International, to provide warehousing, transportation, customs, air and other integrated logistics services as a starting point, continue to integrate into the capital flow, information flow, business flow, to achieve modern logistics supply chain management.

Dongtai International through a full range of service operations and management, service to every customer, enhance customer satisfaction and willingness to cooperate.

At the same time, Dongtai companies through efficient, comprehensive, high-quality services to customers, so that greater benefits to customers, enhance customer's core competitiveness and speed up the development of enterprises.





Shenzhen export tax rebates, day trips

First, to the factory definition

Transfer to the factory is a customs term, to the factory (export re-import): A Canadian trade enterprises will be bonded materials processing of processed products to another Canadian trade enterprises re-export processing business activities. That is to say only to the Canadian plant can be carried out in both trade enterprises.

However, in actual trade, there will be a lot of situations: 1, there are many semi-finished products suppliers to sell products to finished products manufacturers have difficulties. Finished products manufacturers are trade enterprises, and suppliers are general enterprises. 2, at the same time, two factories of Canadian trade enterprises, due to the different ownership of the customs, the manual record information differences and other issues, may lead to not be able to switch to the factory; the same time,

At this point, through the bonded area, you can achieve "to plant" operation, to achieve trade delivery; to solve more "to plant": to export tax rebates? -can!

1, the general enterprise sales of products to the Canadian trade enterprises to use "indirect factory", is the supplier of products to the bonded area, trade enterprises and then trade manuals from the bonded area of imports. This can completely solve the general manufacturing enterprises and Canadian trade enterprises to plant problems. At the same time, imports of Canadian trade enterprises are bonded, and suppliers can apply for export tax rebates to the Inland Revenue Department.

2, with the processing trade of the two factories, because not the same as the competent customs, manual records of goods information is different, through the bonded area operation, to achieve the purpose of plant delivery. The two sides of the factory were to take manual information to the bonded area customs declaration export or import, and load vehicles into the area without unloading, the same day to customs clearance of imports, to achieve "one-day tour" operation (actually only about 3 hours).

3, the Canadian trade factory supply to the general factory, that is, export to domestic sales, but also "to plant" mode: the Canadian trade factory goods to the bonded way to export bonded to the Bonded Zone (Shenzhen Export Processing Zone), general factory Zeyi general Trade the way the import tax domestic.




Shenzhen Export Processing Zone is the most comprehensive bonded logistics export processing zone in Guangdong. In policy support, has also been given an export tax rebate, Shenzhen export tax rebate (goods into the area can apply for tax rebates) policy advantage.

In terms of simple tax rebate, the export of goods transport enterprises do not need to unload, and only need to Dongtai International Shenzhen customs declaration, customs clearance to complete the relevant procedures can apply for tax rebates, from the beginning into the whole process takes about 2-3 hours Can be completed. 2-3 hours, the goods can be transported by transport vehicles through the port to Hong Kong or to plant transport.


We adhere to the "safe, fast, punctual, economic and thoughtful" principle, according to different customers, different needs, to provide personalized service.


1. International traders, because of business needs, in foreign or domestic procurement of raw materials or finished products, and then sold to domestic factories or enterprises, because the declaration in different ways, need a bonded warehouse temporarily, and then according to the need for distribution, so export processing in Shenzhen District set up distribution center.


2. Domestic factories, because of the large scale, there are a number of plants, unified procurement of raw materials from Huawei, because the factory declaration and delivery of different ways to make it at the same time imports, it can be set up in Shenzhen Export Processing Zone distribution center.




1, service protection: regardless of off-season peak season, 24-hour protection uninterrupted service;

2, its own vehicles: its own transport vehicles, new car age, good condition;

3, international cooperation: international famous shipowners and international and domestic large customers preferred trailer partners;

4, holographic services: organic chain integrated logistics, Dongtai most powerful;

5, cargo security: We are responsible for the purchase of a comprehensive cargo insurance;

6, advanced management: automated vehicle scheduling and tracking system to protect on time and efficient.




  Improve customs clearance speed, reduce the additional cost;

★  Reduce trade friction, facilitate trade behavior;

★  Reduce capital occupation, reduce trade costs;

  At any time re-exports, convenient and quick;

★  On the processing enterprises can be loaded into battle, increase competitive advantage.



We can according to customer requirements for customers to do some simple, such as packaging, parts assembly, binding and other processing services. Processing services is Dongtai logistics and warehousing, distribution and other integrated value-added services.ices.


Returned to repair

Dongtai background

Dongtai International Logistics Co., Ltd. is the customs and other relevant departments of the joint approval of a comprehensive retreat products bonded inspection and maintenance qualification of the company, the strength of its own 10,000 square meters of bonded warehouses and equipped with 10,000 clean room and fully automated testing Production lines and in the Customs House has a professional customs service center. Since the establishment of the company has been adherence to the "customer-centric", relying on physical logistics operations, modern information technology, supply chain design and trade services as the core function, through the establishment of rapid response to customer needs, flexible product portfolio, Flow, logistics, information flow integration as a whole, to provide personalized service solutions to help customers enhance the competitive edge, the maximum value creation.

Industry trends

Shenzhen, China's first special economic zone reform, the rapid development of China's prospects, foreign trade import and export to achieve steady growth year by year, electronic / chemical / clothing / machinery and other products exports show a vigorous development trend. The export of electronic products in Shenzhen tends to saturation, increasing competition in the industry pressure, foreign importers of electronic products after-sale testing and maintenance services to make higher demands. At present, export enterprises mainly adopt the following ways:

To sum up, the existing after-sales service model of export enterprises face policy, time, cost and other restrictions, can not meet the needs of foreign customers supporting after-sales service. At present enterprises to undertake customer orders, after-sales service is limited to the above-mentioned manner, high-risk, high cost, leading to the part of the cost of enterprise customers to transfer pricing, affecting the export price competitiveness.

Dongtai logistics advantages

(1) 2013 access to export processing bonded inspection and maintenance business qualification, the entire processing zone has this qualification of only three companies.

(2) production storage space has been through the fire, environmental protection and safety supervision and other departments of the acceptance, according to the functional zoning of the site set up to achieve production, warehousing and office area separated clearly and neatly.

The company has a number of well-known enterprises with a wealth of experience in strategic cooperation, customer service and service efficiency of the company with high satisfaction, recognition of the company's brand, industry experience and brand awareness of the continuous improvement is an important support for the development of the company is important One of the core competitiveness.

The company is in the electronics industry, the mechanical and electrical industry has first-mover advantage, this advantage to catch up with the company's industry continue to widen the distance, both to market new entrants to set a high threshold, but also for the company to ensure continued competitive advantage A good foundation.

The company has a strong program to solve, design and implementation capacity, that the company through the relevant policies and regulations proficient use, with tailor-made solutions for customers the ability to have cross-sectoral and effective replication of the successful experience of the ability to mature Of bonded logistics solutions R & D design process;

The company has a high-quality professional management team, with strong implementation and implementation capacity, the company developed a professional information system that can provide efficient business flow, information flow, with strong integration of resources.

Business philosophy

Dongtai logistics since its establishment, the company adhering to the "efficient professional, customer service, innovation and development" business philosophy, and constantly strengthen the internal management, external coordination, improve professional services. We always adhere to the compliance management, standardize the development, according to the requirements of customs supervision to start the business. The company is committed to solving customer problems after-sales quality, customer protection brand reputation, reduce customer after-sales costs, enhance customer price competitiveness, and promote foreign trade development, win-win cooperation with customers.

Related analysis and case list

Domestic exports of goods, usually encounter customers reject the goods, refused to pay the end of money, packaging failure, the label failed, unqualified quality, card board failure, electronic system upgrades, or after-sales service and other causes of goods Return or return. Some export goods, especially electronic products, such as digital cameras, digital video cameras, technology products and tablet computers, because the characteristics of the goods itself, repair rate is high, often encounter the need to return to repair the situation, but opened in foreign countries The maintenance center is not only costly but also has personnel management problems.

In view of the above problems, according to the policy characteristics of EPZs, the Group set up a technology company in the processing area to cooperate with the one-stop supply chain service platform, from goods to goods repaired, from port to maintenance to port service.

Return to repair the electronic products, including: digital cameras, digital cameras, tablet PCs, driving recorder, LED lamps, plasma TVs, plasma displays, blenders, mobile phones.

Advantages of Returned Rework in Processing Zone:

1, the procedure is simple and low cost. Do not need to go through a complex return procedures, without the need to return the goods to the customs, without the need to pay large margin.

2, convenient transportation. The Shenzhen Export Processing Zone connects Hong Kong with Yantian Shekou. The goods come in from Hong Kong. The goods can be re-arranged from Hong Kong or re-exported from the port. The time and cost savings are significant, especially from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. Processing Zone bonded area only 3 hours or so, and the cost of maintenance is one-third of Hong Kong.

3, no negative impact. Returned to repair the need for special government approval, in the name of Dongtai into the processing zone, repair and re-export to the name of Dongtai, for the owner of the enterprise does not exist on the negative impact of the credibility of the customs.

Served Case Description:

1, Tablet PC Notebook - can not read, black and white, can not boot, replace the battery, upgrade the system;

2, digital cameras, digital cameras - can not read cards, blind spots, broken screen, upgrade the system;

3, integrated circuit IC;

4, Christmas tree - replace the lamp;

5, skateboard - wheel size failed;

6, the projector - replacement parts.

7, other electronic products for packaging, for accessories, for wearing parts, etc. ...

(A), in the "bonded area day tour" to the factory process, relying on the Shenzhen Export Processing Zone of regional characteristics and unique policies, "one-day tour" business to optimize the deep processing carried forward (the industry commonly known as "plant") process , To achieve a day to complete the plant, breaking the plant to the three major restrictions.




1, "one-day tour" to plant a short time     

The traditional transfer to the factory (deep processing carry-over) out of the two sides into the first enterprise in their respective competent customs program for the record, followed by the Customs and Excise Department after the approval of the application form for actual receipt and delivery, and finally transferred into the enterprise separately In the transfer, the transfer to customs for customs declaration procedures. The first record, and then shipped to the final declaration to complete the entire process requires a lot of time.

With the "day tour" to the factory, transferred out into the enterprise do not need to plan for the record, shipping and customs at the same time, the same day to complete the transfer procedures, because of its short time, it has become a "day." If the match is good, out of the enterprise loaded goods over the morning of the declaration, the morning will be able to complete the customs formalities, the goods have arrived in the afternoon into the enterprise.


2, "one-day tour" to break plant restrictions

The traditional transfer factory is the processing trade enterprises will be bonded imports of materials and parts processing products to another processing trade enterprises further processing re-export business activities, it is the customs record between the hand-carried, asked to transfer out Enterprises are both processing trade enterprises. Export Processing Zone is a special customs supervision area, this area is equivalent to outside. "Day Tour" to the factory through the export processing zones to achieve, and his meaning is transferred out of the enterprise to the export of goods, into the enterprise from the import of materials and parts. It can achieve a variety of enterprises to the plant, even for the right to operate without the import and export enterprises, through the Acting import and export of the way to turn themselves into enterprises or transferred to the enterprise. There are four main types of outbound and inbound relationships, covering all correspondence:

A. General trade transfers - general trade transfers

B. Transfer of general trade - transfer of processing trade

C. Transfer of processing trade - transfer of processing trade

D. Transfer of processing trade - general trade transfer



3, "one-day tour" to plant tax rebates

The traditional plant can not be tax rebates. According to the Shenzhen Export Processing Zone into the area that is tax rebate policy, "one-day tour" to the factory to tax rebates. "Into the area that is the tax rebate" is for other customs supervision area. Other regions must be the actual departure to the tax rebate, into the area is only a buffer period. "Into the area that tax rebate" for the transfer of enterprises. Out of the enterprise in the sense that the goods are exported to the outside, the goods into the area will be able to apply to the Customs and Excise Department to print export tax rebate certificate. Get the tax rebate of the transfer of enterprises can also get the price advantage.


Dongtai Logistics adopts modernized warehouse management system, transportation management system, electronic data interchange, integrated logistics solution design consultation and multi-modernized intelligent technical means to systematically solve various problems that have been troubling enterprises in the process of supply chain development. Customers to establish the ideal supply chain.


Product advantages:

20 years of deep plowing PC manufacturing supply chain, from a single storage services for the progressive development of integrated logistics services

For the six major PC foundries to provide up to 80% of the raw material storage and distribution services

The formation of a wealth of electronic components products, logistics data information

Depth integration with the brand, the provision of logistics services throughout the entire process of production and marketing

Intelligent platform for the establishment of PC industry, the basis of large logistics data

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