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Career Development and Training
C&D and Training



Companies adhere to the staff to create personal and business growth of the common career development platform. According to the nature and characteristics of the job, combined with the professional interest and expertise of the staff to build the management, professional, technical, marketing and other four positions career development channel, staff career development and performance appraisal, compensation and other related to better meet the Professional development needs. At the same time, the company established a more scientific evaluation mechanism and selection of talent out of the mechanism, the full implementation of all types of personnel echelon building, to provide staff with a wide range of growth opportunities.



Companies adhere to the value of human capital from the posts, all levels of staff quality and skills of the overall upgrade, advocating "self-improvement, self-surpassing" learning philosophy. At present, we have set up a lecturer system with internal part-time lecturers, external experts as the supplement, a more complete training course system, and a two-level training management system which the company and the division have the responsibility. The formation of the post mentor system, classroom teaching and staff self-learning combination of diverse forms of training. In the company and division two-level training mode, employees enjoy a wealth of training packages, including the induction of new staff training, pre-job training, professional and technical seminars, on-the-job training, management training, promotion and upgrading of training, Enjoy overseas exchange training, MBA training, Chinese and foreign famous lectures and sent outside training.


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