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2016-09-08 Keyword:Lectures, red wine

A string of grapes is beautiful, static and pure, it is just ordinary fruit; a squeeze, but there is life. August 11, 2016 after the company meeting room is still very lively, Tianjian

2016-09-08 Keyword:Fire safety training knowledge, the fifth anniversary

August 18, 2016 18:00 conference room, in order to enhance the awareness of fire safety of all employees, by the Administration Department of security personnel Zhang Liang for all staff fire safety knowledge training.

2016-06-08 Keyword:imported beer

With the Olympic Games and the European Cup two events approaching, ushered in Shenzhen Port imported beer immigration peak.

2016-06-08 Keyword:automatic import license

To increase the steady growth of foreign trade policy to implement structural adjustment efforts to enhance the level of trade facilitation, recently...

2016-06-08 Keyword:Inspection and Quarantine、the e e-Cert

​From June 1, the Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau within the city was formally

2016-06-08 Keyword:furnished adjustment line items

According to the requirements of the General Administration of Customs, China Electronic Port pre-entry system is planned for the evening...

2016-06-08 Keyword:fireworks smuggling

(Reporter correspondent Po rhyme such as Jinchuan) Recently, the Xiamen Customs under the Customs east even check the two cases smuggled fireworks...

2016-06-08 Keyword:Working Report and 2016 work deployment

January 16, 2016 the Company held the afternoon working session in 2016 Greeting gold Shu Park Hotel, headquarters management level employees as well as all the staff ...

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