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Dongtai Knowledge Lecture - Wine

Date:2016-09-08 Source:Dtimp Browse:2493

A string of grapes is beautiful, static and pure, it is just ordinary fruit; a squeeze, but there is life.

August 11, 2016 after the company meeting room is still very busy, Tianjian company Liu total wine culture for us - to introduce the knowledge of red wine, wine brands, the benefits of red wine, red wine how to open, how to drink red wine , Red wine winery, winery story.

"Red wine" for us is not a strange word, in our lives will often appear in the Dongtai agent import this business is not only proficient and professional prudent, the business done as fire figure. But few people really understand the red wine, through the experience of Mr. Liu, a senior understanding of the wine from the history of the source to the production of wine and then to sales and other density, and the production of red wine grape varieties and the importance of origin, as well as around the Wine-producing areas of quality and production of practical operation and the process one by one done a detailed explanation, let us benefit from leek shallow, so that we have a strong interest in red wine.

Mr. Liu and generous with a few come from different countries and origin of the red wine, so that we have the opportunity to benefit from the tastes of delicious wine, so that the entire conference room filled with overflowing wine, on behalf of the company and all my colleagues Thanks again to Mr. Liu for sharing a valuable training seminar.

Tian Jian Liu Fang, general manager (Figure)

Colleagues carefully lectures (Figure)

Liu tells how to taste the wine (figure below)


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