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Bonded to the plant (Shenzhen Export Processing Zone, Longgang, Pingshan Free Trade Zone)

Bonded to the plant (Shenzhen Export Processing Zone, Pingshan Free Trade Zone) bonded to the plant

Tablet returned Rework

Tablet returned repair, how to deal with the tablet returned rework?

Bonded transit (Pingshan Free Trade Zone)

Bonded transit (Pingshan Free Trade Zone)

Exports of goods back how to do? (Free Trade Zone returned Rework)

In the foreign trade situation is more severe cases, the quality of export products must have been

Export tax rebate

Through the bonded area to the plant, can be realized export write-off, tax rebate, switch to the import operation!

Purchasing Center

Many foreign enterprises in our procurement, due to a wide variety, a single supplier of less than the full container shipments

delivery center

One of the largest functions of the bonded area is the bonded goods for the import of storage,

Shenzhen import and export transit

1, transit cargo is: 1, the entry from the territory to the Customs and Excise Department ...

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