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Bonded to the plant (Shenzhen Export Processing Zone, Longgang, Pingshan Free Trade Zone)


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Bonded to the plant (Shenzhen Export Processing Zone, Pingshan Free Trade Zone) bonded to the plant, in fact, with the meaning of the bonded area to the plant is the same. Here I explain when bonded meaning. Bonded, it is imported from abroad to goods stored in the bonded area, temporarily unable to pay import duties and VAT. Why would anyone be called bonded to the plant, in fact, the reason is that most importers are owned manual.


Manual: manual processing trade, sub-processing, feed processing two kinds. When i import goods can be the first not taxed, in the bonded state. So in their eyes called bonded to the plant. As long as the goods can be exported to the Free Trade Zone, the bonded area imported from them can be imported directly using manual, without payment of a fee. This convenient and fast import customs formalities, but requires a certain manual handling ability.

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