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Bonded logistics
Bonded logistics

Bonded logistics



Bonded logistics can be defined as: the goods in the import and export process in the bonded state, under the supervision of the customs transport, storage, processing and other logistics activities. Shenzhen Export Processing Zone, in accordance with international practice, with import and export processing, international trade, bonded warehousing and other functions of goods display, "exemption, duty-free, bonded", the "customs territory" mode of operation.

Bonded logistics center integrated port, commodity inspection, tax, foreign exchange settlement and other functions, to solve the four problems of foreign trade: ① general trade export tax rebate problem; ② general trade import bonded goods; ③ processing trade in deep processing of goods "Overseas Day Tour"; ④ logistics and bonded with the function. The bonded logistics center is positioned as a "purchasing center, distribution center and distribution center", attracting multinational corporations (including manufacturing enterprises and commercial circulation enterprises) to transfer their regional headquarters, research and development centers, procurement centers and distribution centers to China.

One of the largest functions of the bonded area is bonded storage of imported goods (Shenzhen bonded warehousing), distribution and distribution; production plant by the production plan bulk delivery to reduce the consignee import tax pressure and storage burden of goods from around the world Import or export from the mainland to the Shenzhen Export Processing Zone Dongtai bonded warehouse in the warehouse for tally, classification, simple processing, split, and then sent to other mainland customers or export to the rest of the world.



 general trade import and export general trade export goods to the Shenzhen Export Processing Zone (export tax rebate - Dongtai International Shenzhen export processing zone to provide export tax rebate services, goods into the area can apply for tax rebates); from Shenzhen export processing zone general trade import tax.

 Customs clearance of import and export processing trade enterprises to export goods to Shenzhen Export Processing Zone (export tax rebate); from export processing zones to import customs clearance to the factory (bonded).

 transit import and export from the airport, the terminal cargo transit to the Shenzhen Export Processing Zone.

 domestic bonded area, logistics park transit to the Shenzhen Export Processing Zone (two-way switch).

 Shenzhen Export Processing Zone transferred to the export control positions (such as Sungang Sinotrans warehouse, etc.).

 entrepot trade import and export from overseas shipments to the Shenzhen Export Processing Zone, the goods do not enter China, and then from the Shenzhen Export Processing Zone (Dongtai International Bonded Warehouse) shipped to other countries. Distribution, distribution center Bonded logistics and distribution, including a variety of import and export.

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