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Exports of goods back how to do? (Free Trade Zone returned Rework)

In the foreign trade situation is more severe cases, the quality of export products must have been guaranteed, is out of the question, it must be able in time to help customers solve, otherwise it will not affect the amount of the series. Product is a problem, can be made in many ways caused, packaging, appearance, internal parts, and so are the customers artificial factors can not determine how to better deal with the return of foreign countries, this is a lot of headaches export factory problem.


Exports of goods returned, which means that: Chinese exports of goods abroad, for the time being whether that country, because out of China, the process is the same, as the cargo arrives foreign product is found to have problems, high maintenance costs of raw materials overseas or no maintenance case, the maintenance must be returned to China because send engineers abroad and go abroad with the instrument it is uneconomical. This case will be returned when the export of goods produced.

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