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Purchasing Center


Many foreign enterprises in China to purchase, due to a wide variety, a single supplier shipments of less than the entire cabinet, if the package cabinet shipping, the cost increase a lot. Such as our bonded warehouse as a distribution center for domestic suppliers to export goods to the Division I warehouse, foreign suppliers to the Free Trade Zone, I entered the warehouse, in our warehouse for sorting, Pinxiang fight counters, and then sent to the world National distributors, greatly reducing storage costs, labor costs and transportation costs.



1, a foreign cosmetics buyers in China procurement lipstick, cream, mask, etc., the production plant will export the goods to our bonded warehouse in the warehouse and then sorting, packaging, matching promotional equipment, etc., and then fight according to different needs Box fight counters by Yantian, Shekou, Shenzhen Airport, Hong Kong terminal or airport exports, sent to distributors around the world.

2, a buyer in the PRD procurement of various bags, including trolley case, backpacks, handbags, etc., the factory will export the goods to our bonded warehouse, the buyer sent to the various bags for labeling, Sorting, packaging. Part of the luggage and then sent back to the domestic distributors of the store sales, some sent abroad.

3, a trader in the global procurement hotel accommodation package accessories: toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, bath towels, bath cap, etc., the nature of the domestic trade factory will arrange manual transit or customs clearance of goods to the Shenzhen Export Processing Zone (Bonded Zone) ; Domestic general trade nature of the factory will be the general trade customs clearance export delivery to the Shenzhen Export Processing Zone (bonded area); foreign suppliers through the sea, air cargo will be delivered to the bonded area; traders in the bonded area lease packaging workers, the goods Classification, assembly, repackaging and other operations, and then fight the goods into the whole cabinet made to customers around the world.


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