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Shenzhen import and export transit



1, transit cargo is:

1, the entry from the territory to the Customs and Excise Department to apply for transit to another location for the import customs formalities of the goods;

2, in the departure has been handled for export customs procedures shipped to the exit from the exit of the customs control of goods released;

3, from the territory of a set off to the territory of another location set off, subject to customs supervision of the goods.


Entry point: refers to the goods into the customs port.

Exit point: refers to the port of departure of goods.

Refers to the transport: refers to the import customs clearance of goods arrived at the location.

Departure: refers to the export of goods customs declaration of the location of shipment.



1, import and export transit

Export processing: processing trade enterprises in their local competent customs declaration of export transit to the Futian Free Trade Zone, the goods to the Futian Free Trade Zone Division I declared to the customs clearance, and then the goods can be stored in our bonded warehouse.

Import customs clearance: processing trade enterprises in their local customs to do a pre-declaration, our company received a fax of trade declarations to the Futian Free Trade Zone customs declaration of import customs clearance, the goods can be sent to the Customs and Excise Department in charge of customs clearance enterprises Off, and then sent to the factory.

2, entry and exit transit

Departure transit: the customer goods stored in the Division I warehouse, to be shipped to foreign countries, the port of loading is Yantian Port (or Shekou, Shenzhen Airport), I apply to the Customs Division for cargo transfer to Yantian Port, To a foreign country.

Customs transit: Customers will ship goods (or air) to Shenzhen Yantian Terminal (or Shenzhen Airport), I arrange the transfer of goods to the Futian Free Trade Zone Division I warehouse, without paying import tariffs.

3, Bonded Zone (Logistics Park) and the bonded area between the switch

A factory in Suzhou Logistics Park has a bonded warehouse, the supplier goods are stored in the Shenzhen Export Processing Zone Dongtai bonded warehouse. Suppliers to supply to the factory, delivery to the bonded logistics warehouse in Suzhou Logistics Park, so I arrange the goods from the Shenzhen Export Processing Zone Dongtai bonded warehouse transfer to Suzhou Bonded Warehouse Logistics Park, the factory and then according to production needs Batch from Suzhou logistics park import declaration.

In this case.

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