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Before the three quarter China list released Vanke sales of housing prices continue to sit tight.

Date:2016-06-08 Source:Dtimp Browse:1151

Yesterday, housing letter Research Center released the 2012 before the third quarter housing prices in China sales amount Top50, Vanke to 95.9 billion yuan sales amount continues to lead the, and poly, China Sea, green spaces and other central enterprises, state-owned enterprises have greatly narrowed the distance from the Vanke. A new round of regulation and control in the long run, prompting industry internal differentiation intensifies, large-scale leading enterprises under market trends continue to grow, so as to promote benchmarking room enterprises market share continue to improve. 

The first three quarters of this year, Vanke Real estate sales amount of 959 million yuan, Poly Real Estate 764 billion, Zhonghai real estate 757 million are respectively arranged the top three, Greenland Group, Hengda Real estate, Wanda Group, CRC home, deputy real estate, Greentown China, Biguiyuan followed. Is worth noting, in the first half, a lot of the sale of assets self-help Greentown China realized the 328 million, an increase to 22.8%, Greentown accelerated payment strategies initially to show results. 2012 real estate market situation treacherous and unpredictable, continuous regulation, economic uncertainty, the market trend is not clear and so on many aspects of the factors, makes the enterprise for the future market trend is expected to appear larger differences. Housing letter concerned analysts pointed out that in such a situation, the size of the housing prices actively seize the market window period, in the & ldquo; is not short off-season & rdquo; three quarter of the market, through the adjustment of pushing case strategy, marketing actively, adjust the group management and control model etc. strategy so as to realize the active growth, before this year three quarters of benchmarking enterprises overall sales performance is better than over the same period last year. 

In this round of regulation, the central enterprises sales growth is rapid, the market share of large real estate companies. According to sales data list, in the enterprise entry threshold, compared to 2011 in the first three quarters, this year the amount and area into the list of threshold were greatly rise the top10 into list enterprise sales area of year-on-year increase maximum, from 2011 to 203 million square meters up to 276 million square meters, an increase of 36%, the amount of rubang threshold also grew by 22%, up to 300 billion yuan. 

Super large housing prices in the complex market environment of large and medium-sized enterprises gradually throw off follow up. In this list, for example, more than 50000000000 of the housing prices and 30000000000 — 50000000000 of the average value of the amount of housing prices reached 39700000000 yuan. Super absolute advantage of large enterprises mainly depends on to strong performance of the central enterprises, with the background of central enterprises enterprises competitive advantages highlighted, poly, China Sea and other central enterprises performance excellent, in the first three quarters of sales performance has with China Vanke, Hengda is almost the same. 

From recent years, data changes can also be found in the three quarter of 2010, TOP20 and TOP10 market share increased year by year, which indicates that the concentration of Housing enterprises gradually increased.

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