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Restriction policy unchanged property tax pilot to accelerate the introduction of

Date:2016-06-08 Source:Dtimp Browse:1113

Wang Juelin, deputy director of the Ministry of housing policy research yesterday in the ” the value of the Chinese real estate forum, said that the purchase of the policy will not change in a certain period, property tax pilot should accelerate the introduction of. 

He believes that the first half of the real estate market did not expect good, the second half will remain difficult. For Guangzhou Limited sales of high-end residential, he believes that this is not a new approach, “ a lot of cities simply did not say that some cities have overall control objectives, and therefore should be a year's sales target reasonable collocation, collocation, far and near collocation, can not focus on pushing the high-end floor, such a year prices will be relatively stable. 

Wang Juelin pointed out that last year's national commercial housing sales close to 1100000000 square meters, the highest in history, more than the market's best in 2010 and 2009 levels. The first half of this year, the market did not expect good, sales of less than 400000000 square meters. If you want to reach last year's sales level, meaning that the second half of the volume of sales to reach 700000000 square meters, the difficulty is very large. 

For the future of real estate regulation and control policy, Wang Juelin believes that the current real estate regulation policy ideas are very clear, the impact of the market is relatively large in the four policy, not changed is the purchase of the policy, and may not change within a certain period of time. Because the market can cool down, the purchase of policy plays a very important role, ease the contradiction between supply and demand of the market, but also to some of the temporary investment and other places to buy in the market.            ;   Wang Juelin think, property tax pilot should be introduced, and to speed up the introduction, because only in Chongqing, Shanghai pilot property tax program is not much significance, must be pushed away in the country. “ with the attention of the property tax can not be out, what are the pilot cities, we should pay more attention to the specific design of real estate tax pilot program, the introduction of real estate tax purposes in the end is what. ” he said. 

On the market impact of the larger the other two policy is the interest rate and limited credit, although not for real estate policies, but closely related to real estate, because of the most important financial issues involved. Because of the real estate is very dependent on the funds, so the policy is relaxed, it is certainly beneficial to the real estate. 

“ in fact, since 2003, the introduction of real estate regulation and control policies, but the real place is not much. The fundamental reason is the lack of continuity and stability of the policy, the executive power is not uniform. Now the market is stable, in the development, the present method is better, is feasible, should insist on, I personally think that the policy will maintain continuity. ” Wang Juelin said, the policy is expected to clear, the consumer is stable. 

Wang Juelin suggested that the development of the real estate market, it is to change the “ to sell ” the model, the full use of resources, so that the land will bring more benefits and harvest. At the same time, the government should put the annual plan for the land transfer information released to increase transparency.

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