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Property market warms up signs that commercial real estate contrarian rise

Date:2016-06-08 Source:Dtimp Browse:1159

Since March, the property market to pick up signs. However, this trend did not continue. Latest data show that Shanghai's new commodity housing prices rose in July after a slight rise in August. And “ Kim Gu ” the market is not optimistic. Enjoysmart Real Estate Institute yanghongxu to the media pointed out that since the last two months, under the high handed policy, consumer sentiment resurgence of multiple role, the property market has signs of cooling. 

In this case, the new situation of urban complex and commercial real estate is slowly open. Reporters learned that a long a property of commercial real estate projects & mdash; & mdash; Changtai corporate Avenue Plaza, by virtue of the Su Cove area of core value, 5A grade A office building of excellent quality and excellent price Wumart high price, create the recent high-end office building sales Myth & mdash; & mdash; just in August 20 days selling broken three billion. 

In the analysts view, investment trends in the commercial real estate market, Su bend plate future development direction, and project itself unique advantages, such as lots of good, good quality, excellent price, three synthetic a created a sales situation. 

However, there are many analysts on the commercial real estate homogeneity serious, non professional companies get together and other phenomena raised their concerns. Shanghai sungat Architecture Design Institute President Gao Dong in the recently held the third session of the China Business Summit Forum estate bluntly, the Jiucheng engaged in commercial real estate development enterprise & ldquo; don't understand business & rdquo;. He pointed out that to emulate “ Wanda mode ” rapid development + rapid opening of commercial real estate developers are not many, most of the development companies need to complete a project in 4 years. Therefore, in 2014 and 2015 will usher in a large number of commercial real estate projects focus on the listing, “ then the problem will focus on the outbreak of ”. 

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